• IDC是一個以Life Style為主軸的品牌,我們的風格偏向自然、舒適和時尚的生活感。我們不僅注重時尚,更著重生活與時尚的結合,希望能讓大家在日常生活中也能感受到品味與品質的提升。因此,我們將商品的設計與品質放在首位,滿足高品質和造型的需求,讓他們在生活中找到更好的自己。
    IDC的品牌宗旨是「Be kind to your mind.」。我們相信每個人都有自己獨特的風格和生活方式,不需要受到任何束縛和限制。我們希望透過產品和品牌文化,讓人們能夠發現並堅持自己的生活態度和價值觀,找到屬於自己的生活方式。讓生活不僅是生存,更是一種享受和表達自我的方式。
  • IDC is a brand with Life Style as its main axis. Our style is biased toward natural, comfortable and fashionable life. We not only pay attention to fashion, but also the combination of life and fashion, hoping that everyone can feel the improvement of taste and quality in daily life. Therefore, we put the design and quality of the products in the first place, meet the needs of high quality and styling, and let them find a better self in life.
    IDC's brand purpose is "
    Be kind to your mind".
    We believe that everyone has their own unique style and lifestyle, and there is no need to be bound or restricted. We hope that through products and brand culture, people can discover and stick to their own life attitudes and values, and find their own way of life. Let life not only survive, but also a way to enjoy and express yourself.